Saori Eguchi is an exchange student and a notable flautist. She has pink hair and blue eyes. Her eyes can turn red when Darkman takes control of her.



Like previously, Saori is an exchange student and a notable flutist. She sneezes whenever she hears someone talking about love. She could see mugloxes even before Akumi became her partner, because she was under Darkman's control. Like her, Mr. Kiryuu, a music teacher, can see mugloxes for the same reason. At the end, she and Mr. Kiryuu "joined" forces to help Darkman destroy the human world. Then the mugloxes (the good ones) joined forces to defeat Darkman, braking the spell on Saori. Same thing with Akumi. As "farewell" to Akumi, for being loyal to him, she cast a magic spell and shared caramel ice cream. At the end of the season, Saori, her new partner Akumi, and Mr. Kiryuu went to Germany to study music. There within the Wonderful/Wandaho season Katie and company went to Germany to visit Saori.