Rima (リルム/Rirumu) is a pretty Muglox who is Mirmo's fiancee. Rima casts magic which were terrible. Her
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"help" can make something even worse, or someone injured. She comes out of the pink mug. Dylan pours milk in her mug so that he can call her forth. Her magical tool is a tambourine. She cooks food for Mirmo, which he doesn't like to eat because it looks like a monster. She's Dylan Yuki's partner. She has a height of 9.5 cm (centimeters).


Rima is a cute female Muglox who loves to eat cream puffs as dessert and Mirmo as a fiancee. She wanted to marry Mirmo, but Mirmo disagrees. With extreme power and strength, Rima punches and kicks. That's why Mirmo doesn't like to marry Rima. She also cooks foods, but not really good at making foods. Her magic is terrible so that's why some things may go wrong or worse. When Rima cooks foods, the worse thing is that she uses magic. It looks so icky when it comes to look. Even her friends or classmates disagree on her foods.Rima Marries Mirmo at the end of season 4 and finally gets mirmo to love her.

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Rima is chasing Mirmo in wedding dress. Rima then looks for Mirmo and finds Mirmo being pulled by the mug. Rima used the pink mug in order to be together with Mirmo. Knowing that Dylan Yuki is the one who Katie Minami loves, Rima chooses Dylan. As Dylan buys the mug and pours milk on it, Rima appears and introduces at Dylan. When she introduces her magic, Dylan then seem to disappoint. As Rima feels sorry, Dylan then lets her and then goes to Katie's house, where Mirmo also live. When Rima sees Mirmo, they ended up with another chase and then Rima finally caught him. Mirmo doesn't like to see her and hated her, so Rima punched Mirmo many times. Rima felt sorry and then tried to cure him. As they try to make a pen for Dylan, Dylan then comes disappointed. Not knowing that Rima has terrible magic, Katie was excited for making a pen. But things gone wrong. Dylan says no, causing Katie to be sad. As Katie says sorry to Dylan, things have been changed. Can Rima's magic will change a lot?


Rima produces golden magic. Her magic may be improved there.


Dylan uses Rima for cellphone collecting session. She uses magic to collect crystals. She can make good magic when collecting crystals. She wishes for marrying Mirmo.


Rima feels sad about Katie's relationship. In one episode, Rima and Dylan argues for a while and then Dylan gets silent for a while.

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