==Mirmo list of episodes==

=== Mirumo de Pon! ===

Season 1 (eps 1-52) Edit

1.Fairy Mirmo has arrived!

2.Love from Rima!?

3.Meet Ninja Yatch!

4.Katie's Magical Diet

5.Mini Katie's Large Adventure

6.Was love taken away?

7.Let's Repair Love

8.Mirmo vs Murumo

9.Super Rich, Kyle Matsutake

10.Love's Four-cornered Battle

11.Father comes, and returns immediately!

12.Rima, Mogu and...

13.A Very Tiring Day

14.Mirmo's Failure!?

15.This is bad! The Warumo Gang

16.Katie, off to Mirumo's hometown...

17.Gift from the Gaia Tribe

18.It's Summer! The Sea! I am Kyle!

19.Fireworks and Magic and Grandpa

20.Mirmo, can you fit in!?

21.Caught in the Haunted Mansion!?

22.Yatch's First Love

23.Rima's Fairy Fortune-Telling

24.Cavity Murumo Cavity

25.This is even serious! The Warumo Gang

26.Rescue Mirmo's Hometown!

27.Let's go to the Fairy School

28.Do your best for the Double Athletic Meet

29.Rima's Important Day

30.What, Mirmo is part of the Warumo Gang!?

31.It's Kinta!

32.Murumo's Rival, Papii

33.Goodbye, Azumi

34.Mumotaro's Demon Extermination

35.Movie Star? Dylan

36.Mirmo has been captured!

37.Mirmo vs Mekamo

38.Leave it to Us!

39.How Would I Know What It Is?

40.Chocolate Event of the Snow Mountains

41.The Fairy Game Board Competition

42.The Mandrin Orange and Kotashi

43.It's Kinta, again!

44.All the best! Fairies

45.Love through Otome's Chocolate?

46.News, 3 Daughters

47.Is that so?

48.The Fairy Scribble Notebook

49.Kyle's Emotional Fight!

50.Defeat Mirmo of the Past!

51.The Fairy World which has Stopped in Time

52.Move! Mirmo's Hometown

Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! Mirumo de Pon!​Edit

Goruden (Season 2)Edit

Season 2 (eps 53-101, Golden)

53.Maracas has been Destroyed!?

54.Mysterious Transfer Student, Saori

55.Azumi's Brother?

56.Cake Talk

57.A Flower by the name of Rima

58.Mirmo and Murumo's Ship

59.The Warumo Gang has finally disbanded!?

60.Murumo's Things

61.Dangerous Performance Meeting

62.Kinta and Ponta

63.Lady, I am Kabi!

64.In any case, it's Powerful Magic (Part 1)

65.In any case, it's Powerful Magic (Part 2)

66.Either one or Both?

67.The Sissy Muglox

68.Super Sister, Momo

69.Important Friends

70.Confined with the Animals


72.Please meet Yamane

73.Shall we Retreat?

74.The Bouchama Quest, Mystery of the Perapera Sword

75.Protect the Secret Base!

76.Let's go to the TV Station!

77.The Revival of Darkman

78.Golden Mirmo!?

79.Hello, I am Mirmo!

80.Trade in Fairy Card Stickers

81.The Way to Become Friends with Fairies

82.Fairy Concert

83.Charge! The Race of Wilderness

84.Wild Shakebi

85.The Honest Fairy, Mirmo?

86.Tragedy of Kokanemochi Clan

87.Attttack, Rrrrecive

88.Fairy Stick Clock~Chapter 1~

89.Fairy Stick Clock~Final Chapter~

90.Story of Princess Katierella

91.Raise up! Warumo Kids

92.Rima and Akumi's

30 Minutes Cooking

93.Fairy In Love

94.Super Dangerous! Kimomo Shop

95.Fairy M's Lightning Proposal!?

96.Must See! Fairies go on an Onsen Trip

97.Heart Pounding Date with Saori

98.Friendship that was crushed

99.Stinky Music Fair

100.My Name is Dark

101.Melody that Saves the World

102.Goodbye Mirmo...Ahh!

Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! Mirumo de Pon! Wandaho (Season 3)Edit

Season 3 (eps 103-150, Wonderful)

103.Tako's adventure begins!

104.It's really Carl

105.I Like P Man

106.Our Treasure

107.The Rock Cannot be Broken

108.Fairy Ninja! Garagara Battle

109.It's really Evil! The Warumo Gang

110.That kind of Love, this kind of Love

111.Tako's Crystal Battle

112.The Fairy Pick!

113.Run, jump and then, swim

114.The Goal of Tears

115.How is the Squid?

116.Estumi's 14-year old love

117.Quiz: Search for the Warumo Kids!

118.Baramo has arrived!?

119.Akumi and Saori

120.Legend of Rorerai

121.Do not say Clumsiness!!

122.Watermelon and Pool

123.Cake Crumbles

124.Goodbye, Dylan

125.Strongest Duel! Aishi vs Koishi

126.Okay! Yoimo Gang

127.Rabbits are Scary

128.Tako's Hometown

129.The Famous Katie?

130.It's alright for Incho to become the Committee Head?

131.Want to become a Woman

132.It's Afro, it's Satoru, it's P Man!

133.Why, the Warumo Gang is really Strong!?

134.Warrior of the Kurumi Tribe, Kinta!?

135.Thief Papan

136.Birth of Prince Mirmo

137.It's really the Birth of Prince Mirmo!?

138.Journey to the West 139.Tako's Secret

140.Meet TV Ninja!

141.Murumo and the Flying Baby

142.I am, Bleach!

143.F. D. C VS K. T. C

144.The Warumo Gang has Fallen in Love

145.Search For The Last Crystal

146.Shock! The Seven Trials

147.Tako's Past

148.Crystal Land's Danger

149.Hole of Azase!

150.Kumocho Forever

Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! Mirumo de Pon! Charmingu (Season 4)Edit

Season 4 (eps 151-172, Charming/Finale)

151.Separating, Meeting, A New School Term

152.Quarreling Shop of Love

153.Teach me the Forces of Love

154.The dead fairy spirit, Panta

155.The Black Idea in the Stomach

156.Love of Lavender

157.Love of Lavender (Muglox Edition)

158.Yuuki and Haruka

159.Tako and Panta's partner

160.Counterattack of the Matsutake

161.Large Confound Conflict! Chick Wars

162.It is the Spirits! The Warumo Gang!

163.Method of drawing a comedy manga!

164.It's summer celebration! The large decisive battle!

165.Koichi VS Yuuki! Battle of love!

166.The storm of love raging...

167.The switching love!

168.Work harder, Kaede Minami!

169.Rescue Panta!

170.Decision of each one!

171.Kaede's wish, Mirumo's leave!

172.Let's all say Mirumo de Pon!!! (last episode)

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