Dylan Yuki (摂結木/ゆうき せつ/Yuuki Setsu) is a clever, handsome boy whom Katie and Azumi are infatuated
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Dylan and his Partner Rima

with, as well as Rima's partner. In the beginning, Dylan found both Katie and Azumi very annoying, due to their incessant, childish fighting over him and always making him the subject of their tug-of-war. However, as he got to know and understand them better, and shared many adventures with them, he became very fond of them, noting that each of them were attractive in her own way, and was actually torn between them. At the end of the series, he was able to figure out that Katie was the one whom he truly loved, and they became a happy couple. Dylan dreams of becoming a novelist, and is always reading books. Also, the books he always reads are so small and tiny (although he read a normal-sized book in episode 90).

Appearance: Edit

Dylan is a tall, handsome young boy, with brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and an almost-perpetually demure expression. Though he was initially slim, he bulked up as the series progressed and he grew older, becoming lean and muscular.

Outfits Edit

Favorite Outfit

His favorite outfit consist of a red jacket with a black undershirt.

Regular/Original Edit

Dylan's school uniform
He wears this during classes. It has a red necktie.
Dylan's alternate school uniform
He also wears this during classes.

Charming/Charmingu Edit

Dylan's charming dress
He wears this on the Charming season (Season 4). He wears a red vest, white shirt, blue pants and his vest has a gray collar.

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