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Azumi Hidaka (日高安純/ひだか あずみ/Hidaka Azumi) is a brash and an impatient girl who loves Dylan and beats up Katie when she sees Katie along with Dylan. Her muglox partner is Yatch, and owns a yellow mug. She pours barley tea on the mug to call forth Yatch. She is 13 years old. Her known birthday is November 11.


She can be very vain at times, but helps her friends if she decides to. She's partners (or more like partner-in-crimes) with Yatch since Azumi wants Dylan and hates Katie and Yatch hates Mirmo, Katie's Muglox. But most of the time, she leaves Yatch to do her household chores and treats him like a slave, but seems to have a soft spot for him. She also has a younger brother who is rarely seen.she is turned into a fairy for 24 hours by mirmo so she can help save the muglox world(she only does this because dylan was going too)

Azumi in her fairy form

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As the beautiful Azumi Hidaka transfers at Katie's school, she falls in love and has feelings for Dylan Yuki. Katie gets hurt by her. In Episode 3, she arrives back home and sees herself in Mimomo Shop and buys the yellow mug. Reading the instructions from the mug, she pours barley tea in it and Yatch appears! She tries to hit Yatch and then Yatch tries to produce magic. But Yatch sees her underwear and then draws them. Azumi tried to flush him in the toilet, but stopped and thought he might be useful to her. During this season they try several plans in order to break up with Katie and Dylan; of course, all of them fail miserably.


Some time, she uses more plans to foil Katie. In one episode, she became Katierella's master.


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When crystal collecting, she may do battle stances and she can make a curved move.


Azumi challenged Katie to know who really is the right one for Dylan. Katie wins at the end of the battle. Azumi accepted her loss but warned Katie and said that if she starts doing the wrong thing again, she will never let Katie take that chance again.


School Uniform 1
Like every student, Azumi also wears this in the first episode. It is colored gray and green dress. She also wears a red ribbon.
School Uniform 2
On some episodes, she also wears this. It is colored blue and white and it also comes with a red ribbon.
Charmingu Outfit

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Consists of a purple jacket, an orange shirt, and a green skirt.

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